Monday, January 10, 2011

ONE year old

Yesterday, well all weekend, we celebrated Micah's first birthday.  We went out to eat and had cake all weekend.  Saturday night was by far his favorite!  Spaghetti is one of Micah's favorites so being in Cincinnati, Skyline was top on the list!  It is actually chili, but eaten like spaghetti.  Micah ate the whole thing and then ate the popsicle that kids get as treat.  Then we came home and had cupcakes and sang happy birthday with Chris' parents.  Micah is the youngest, by far, that I have allowed to have such sweets!  I am shocked at myself, but he sure did enjoy it!  I did not take my camera to dinner, but I wished I had so you could see how much he LOVED his dinner.

On his actually birthday we had a small group over for dinner and cake again.  It was great fun to spend some time together and celebrate the year the Micah has had.

Micah is very easy going and so sweet.  He is still bear crawling, but standing more and bouncing.  Today it looked like he jumped and landed on his feet, but no actual steps.  He loves music and claps and dances right along.  ABCs is a favorite to bring a smile and show off his four teeth.  He still teething and have more ready to pop out anytime. He can say ball, mama, dada, dog, Nanan (Elliana).  Micah gives the best little hugs with his arms squeezing all around you, so sweet.

Happy First Birthday, Micah.  We are so glad you were born!!!

Micah was so excited to see Papa Joe, he about jumped out of my arms!!



    Much love,
    Future Mama

  2. Such a cutie and a BIG blessing! We miss you, Micah!
    XOXO, Leyton and his mama

  3. Yes!! Happy Birthday precious Micah!! Love our sweet Taitung babies!

  4. Happy Birthday Micah! Can't believe that you are already one! You are looking a lot more grown up then when we saw you last...and you seem to be growing into a handsome little thing. Love the family picture you posted!