Friday, February 12, 2010

One Month

Micah turned one month on February 9! We received new pictures and update! He is looking super sweet and so big! Kate, our case manager, described him a tiny, little boy, but he just looks so big to me. I am sure he is tiny next two the other two boys sharing his home! We were just so excited to get pictures! What a joy!

This weekend we will be celebrating Andy's second birthday. He was born February 14, Valentine's Day, at 3:19 in the morning. He is still so sweet and loves to sit on Daddy's lap and read bedtime books. He gives the best little hugs. He is full of energy and wrestles anything that moves and doesn't, like him Pooh Bear. He is quite good at kicking and throwing balls. He stops every so often for a sweet cuddle and suck of his thumb, then it is back to playing. Andy, we love and are very proud of the little man you are becoming.

Monday, February 8, 2010

Another Step Complete

Today after Elliana's story time at our local library we headed to Columbus to get 12 documents State certified. We stopped at the outlet malls on the way to see if we could find snow pants that would fit Elliana. She had been wearing Andy for the last couple of snow falls and it was time for her to get her own. The kids did pretty good, Andy slept from the time from the library to the outlets.

After that we headed the rest of the way to Columbus. We did not have any issues at the Secretary of State and it did not take more that 20 minutes. Since we were in Columbus, I stopped to see my aunt and uncle. We stayed for afternoon and dinner. The kids did not do so well there. Elliana had not napped all day and was crying and whining because her blanket had been left in the car. We can not drive all the way up to my aunt's house, but are picked up in a vehicle that can handle a large hill, dirt roads, and 10 inches of snow. So she was upset about not being able to go get it and could not rest without it. Andy was running and having a grand time, never stopping. Once my cousins arrived, Andy loved playing with Lauren. She is a teacher and great with the kids! She helped distract them until dinner. When we finally left, both the kids fell asleep within three minutes and slept the two hours home!

On the quiet ride, I thought three kids, three and under- Am I crazy to think that I can do this? But God gave me such a peace and understanding that Micah is from Him and He will be glorified through this adoption and how I raise all three of my kids. That does not mean that we will not struggle with balancing time with all three or that sometimes it will be crazy, but I am not afraid!

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Explaining adoption to a three year old

Elliana has been part of our discussion on adoption from the beginning. We have openly talked about it since Andy was born. So he too has heard it, but he is yet to communicate his understanding of what it means.

The day after we accepted Micah's referral Elliana started playing adoption. She held two baby dolls and said this one is from my belly, but not this one. I say, "Oh, yeah." She responded, "Yeah, he in my daddy's belly." So in her three year old world, that is where Micah came from, her daddy's belly. Well, after couple more days of talking about Micah, non-stop, she had a different idea. We have a picture of Micah's birthmom. She would ask to see his birthmom and think of tons of questions that I know I will need to find better answers to. "Why does he have two mommy's? You his mommy, me his sister. Me love him."
This week her questions have been fewer. She still can not pass a picture of him without commenting "He Micah, me baby brother." (sounds like baby broller.)