Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Nine and a half months

I apparently never updated from Micah's nine month appointment so I will try to get on that.  He weighed 24 pounds, but now I think he must be up to 25 pounds!  He was 90th percentile for weight and 75th for length.  I don't actually remember his length, but it is written down somewhere.  He played with the blocks and did all that he needed to do to show how awesome and smart he is!  Of course the nurses love to comment on how cute and fun he is and he loves the attention.  He smiles and waves to anything that moves.  Micah can say mamama, dada, babab, and such sounds.  Micah's favorite game is to chase around a big ball and wrestle with Dad.  Mainly, I think he likes to do whatever Andy does and that is Andy favorite things too.

I need to download pictures from the past month and then I will post a few.  Andy has a speech assessment today to see if he will quality for the local school district once he our grows out early intervention-it only goes until age 3.  He has gotten much better the past few months so I am not sure he will qualify.  At times it can be difficult to determine if Micah or Andy is talking so maybe he will!  Elliana is loving preschool and with her teachers recommendation she will not move on to kindergarten in the fall, unless I homeschool her for one year and then send her again to kindergarten.  I change my mind weekly on the issue.

I often wondered about comments adoptive families receive.  Well, I mostly get smiles and good stuff.  I have run into a few adoptive families while I am on outings and it if fun to talk with them and hear their stories.  The past week was the first time a received a comment that I was not sure how to respond to.  The elderly man did not mean anything mean by it, but just not informed or have a heart to the orphans.  He said he did NOT NEED to adopt because he had five boys.  I was not really offended but more thrown back that he thinks you should only adopt if you can not have bio kids.  It should be no surprise then that there are so many orphans in the world.  Imagine if God said that He had Israel and therefore there would be no need to offer adoption the Gentiles!  Please!

Okay, that is my rambles for this day.  Now off to make my house presentable for the speech assessors.