Thursday, December 9, 2010

One More Day

Last week I sat down with the calendar because I knew this day was approaching.  December 8 would mark the day that Micah lived in Hannah's Hope the same number of day that he has lived with his Mom and Dad.  So today, December 9 he has been with me one more day than he has not!  That is a big day for the little guy, maybe more for me than him.  It also marks his 11 month birthday.  Yes, that means that Micah will be one in one month.  Micah is so close to walking, well more taking his first steps.  He climbs stairs so fast and has the best little laugh.  I think he will weighs 25 pounds, but is growing taller.  I cut his hair yesterday and he looks like a little sweet boy more than a baby.  But he still wants to be rocked like my little baby.  He gives hugs and kisses, very wet kisses.  I am so thankful for him!