Thursday, February 24, 2011

Belated Birthday

My Valentine Baby turned three this year!  Remembering back...Elliana was 17 months old and having the worst night of sleep in her life.  I finally got her down and walked to my bed at midnight.  I sat on the bed and immediately my contractions started.  I figured I had all night so I thought I would try to get some sleep before waking Chris.  Andy had different ideas.  He only has a go and stop button and his go button was pushed.  Contractions started at 3 minutes apart so I went down stairs to call my mom who was going to drive 4 hours to come watch Elliana.  I think it was about 12:30 now.  I decided I better wake up Chris.  He rolled over and said, "Now? You'ver got to be kidding?"  And fell back a sleep before he finished talking.  I woke him again and then called my doctor.  I also called my neighbor to come over and stay with Ana until my mom arrived.  It was 1:00 now.  I was moving pretty slow with all contractions still 1 to 3 minutes apart.  Chris was finally up and my neighbor had arrived. We left for the hospital about 1:30, the dr said he thought it was fine if I wanted to come now!  What!  I was coming whether he thought it was fine or not!  Since it was the middle of the night, we had to use the ER enterence.  No big deal except for the mile and half walk through the entire hospital to get the right wing!  I stopped every few feet for the contractions to pass.  When we finally made it up there the nurse sent me to triage.  She said I was ready to go and got me a room.  It was about 2:30 am.  The doctor came in a few times, but the nursed did a great job of keeping him away since I wanted to go natural and he likes to not.  He came in just in time to pull on a glove and catch Andy at 3:00 am on Feburary 14, 2008!
Andy is so sweet and loving, not just because he is a Valentine boy, but because he is my amazing Andy! He can go and go. He has serious skills with a ball, any ball. Speech is still difficult for him, but he is trying and learning new words every day. When he is scared he asks us to pray with him and hold his hands. He loves his siblings and loves to be a big brother. Wrestling with his Daddy is a must every day! I am so proud that boy!

Andy asked to go to Entrainment Juction for his birthday, with Grandma Melissa and Papa.

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Chinese New Year and Readoption Court

Our friends are so wonderful. I realize I have said this before, but it is so true. We celebrated the Chinese New Year, the Year of the rabbit with the Duhs (Yup, I am using names, just to give credit where credit it due.  Funny, that is how you say Duh- due!). They did all the work and just let us join in! We had hot pot and ate all night. MMMMM... Here are a few pictures of the night.

Today was a big day for us too.  We went to court to have Micah readopted.  It does not change a lot since his adoption was finalized in Taiwan and he is already a US citizen.  It will allow us to get a US birth certificate and correct his majorly messed up social security card.  I forgot to get a picture with our attorney, but plenty with the judge.  We were early for our appointment so this is us waiting until 10:00 rolled around.  Elliana run into Micah's room this morning and told him, "This is a special day, Micah.  It's readoption day!"  I was so sweet of her.  She also made me a special bracelet, or something like it, at school on Monday, just for the occasion.  Keeping with her excitement, she did her own her, just like Fancy Nancy since today was fancy!

Andy is not actually mad, he was just being weird!  The judge was very nice.  He asked the kids if they wanted to come up and sit in his chair.  Pictures below.  He asked us questions about why adoption and why Taiwan.  He had one previous case for Taiwan, but only one.  He asked Elliana about her brother and she gladly shared how much she loves both of them!  Andy mostly made faces, but stayed quiet, which made the judge laugh even more.  He said that he wrote a book on adoptions in his court and thinks that he needs to write another and include us in it.