Monday, September 13, 2010

Early September

Time flies, so they say.

The first few weeks of September have been potty training time in our home.  I had been warning Andy all of August that after Elliana's birthday we were going to begin going on the potty.  He would let me know that he had different ideas so I knew I was going to be in for a time!  Well, my plan was to let him go without a diaper until he got sick of going on himself.  The first day we had three accidents and no success.  The second day we had the same.  The three day we were out most of the day so it was also a loss.  On the fourth day, Andy actually went on the toilet!  WooHoo!  Then more accidents.  Oh well.  On the fifth day I was ready to say maybe we would try again later when out of the blue, he did not have any accidents all day!  Now, he does not wear a pull out when we go out and he has not had any accidents while out, well one that I may share.  Andy's only hold up is that while he does go, he can only tell that he needs to go if he is free.  So no undies for this little man, not yet.  I will push for them when he is better at knowing when he has to go. 
Okay, the story.  Andy has not pooped on the potty yet.  The first few days, he went outside (still in his clothes, just trying to get away from Mom).  Well, we went to this park that is a fort, pretty cool.  I got lost and took 45 minutes to get there when it is only 10 minutes away.  Then within minutes, Andy says he needs to poop.  What!  He has never told me so I want to take advantage of this.  The only bathroom there is outhouses with NO running water.  Gross.  So Andy tries.  Then goes to play for three more minutes and repeats.  We did this about four time.  Of course, we did not actually make it when he went.  So home we went for a smelly boy to get a bath.

Anyways, I am very proud of Andy for learning and taking charge of himself:).

Elliana began preschool today.  She loves it.  Her friend from dance class is in her class and she sang her good morning sang with her friend's name in it all day.  She was so pumped that she did not even slow down for a nap, which I had thought would for sure happen on school days.  She did eat better than I had seen her eat in a while and went to bed very early.

Micah is doing great.  He is growing so fast.  His legs bend now when he is in the ergo.  He smiles at me anytime I smile at him.  It is a fun game to play while I am feeding him, mostly for my enjoyment.  He climbs and crawls on everything.  It is hard to believe that he has not even been home for three months, he is such a perfect Walls:).

I wanted to add some pictures, but I am running out of time so I will not label them.