Tuesday, July 27, 2010

The crazy life

Micah can now sit without any help from his front arms or support from me.  He can move around on the floor just about anywhere.  He can also hold himself up on all four for quite a long while.  He has started rocking and even jump forward.  The jump is pretty funny, his arms don't move forward, only his legs.  He lands in a face plant, but seems to laugh it off and try again.

To start the day, I took the kids to Entertrainment Juction to play and burn off some energy.  They had a field trip there and it was the busiest I have ever seen it.  We played for about two hours.  The kids were able to ride the Thomas train, but only after waiting in line.  They were very patient and had a good time.  We did not actually look at too much of the train display, but we have seen it many times.

We attempted to take all five out to eat for the first time.  Today is my birthday so I did not want to cook or think about what to eat.  Everyone did great!  Sometimes it is not a good idea to take a two year old out where he will have to wait to get his food, but Andy controlled himself and didn't cause any problems.  Micah sat in a high chair for the first (not at home).  In Taiwan, every restaurant ask if he could sit in one,  he would only last 30 seconds.  But tonight he made it through all of the eating time!  After dinner, we all went to the library.  I had stuff to return and Chris apparently had never been!  We showed him the videos and computer area.  Elliana and Andy are very into Signing Time videos.  They are actually pretty helpful with Andy's speech too.  He is very hard to understand and mumbles horribly.  If he knows the sign, it really helps.  His favorite sign is the color "orange". 

The number one question I get is "what is the hardest part so far?"  Really, it depends on the day.  Overall, I would say the mental exhaustion.  There is hardly any down time to think or process.  I used to be able to check email and respond any time of day.  Now I am good if I read an entire email, but don't count on a reply to fast.  If I have slept, my mental state is much better.  Strangely, it was difficult getting used to not nursing.  I will leave that at that.  When I go the the grocery store with all three, I get some pretty good looks.  Lots of comments, but mostly crazy looks!  The comments are mostly from moms thinking back to when they were in my shoes and how fast time has gone for them.

I love have three kids!  I can't imagine what life was like before each of them.  We have enjoyed each other much more.  Instead of getting together with others, we have really focused on spending time laughing and play with each other.  What a joy family is!

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

One Month Gotcha Day

Today is Micah's one month gotcha day!  I told him the story of the day we got him, I cried, he just looked at me.  He is, of course, our son and God has planned him to be before he was even a thought in our mind.  It is amazing to look at him and know that he is finally here and forever part of our family.  On Sunday, Elliana asked if Micah could stay and always be her brother.  I said, "Yup, that is what adoption is."

We already have our three month post placement set, our social worker will come and ask us a bunch more questions.  We will need 10-15 pictures, I am sure I could give 50-60!  It is set for the end of July.  I think they are going from the May 26 date that I think may be the first final decree date.  I think are actual final decree date is June 21, but I am really confused as to when it is. 

Micah is six months old.  He is working on sitting up without front arm support, he can do it if I clap for him.  He can do his dadada, but not mamama, despite my best effort to teach him.  He pushes up on all fours, but not rocking.  I am not sure I am ready for a crawler yet!  He gives the biggest smiles when Chris comes home from work and says hi to him.  It is so sweet to watch.  I am with him ALWAYS so no chance for me to get that reaction:). 

Okay, just one family picture.

Friday, July 16, 2010


People often ask to see inside the truck, to see what three carseats looks like.  Elliana was not buckled yet, she is still in a five-point harness too.
One of Micah's first baths at home.

Just a little cuddle time with Ana.

July 4th celebration.  We did not stay for fireworks, but had fun for a short time.

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Three Weeks

Micah has been in our arms for three weeks!  We have been home for two.  We know we have a God who hears our prayers and loves us with His EVERLASTING LOVE.  All three kids are doing so much better than I thought.  Micah still sleeps through the night.  He occasional wakes up for a pat on the back or a pacifier, but not for a bottle.  Elliana gets up around midnight to sleep on our floor instead of her bed.  Andy does not care what is happening at night as long as he doesn't know.  Elliana is still a big helper, but now feeds her babies and changes their diapers.  Andy seems to have adjusted without any fuss and loves having a baby brother to "play" and hold for a few seconds at a time. 
Micah went to church for the first time.  He did great.  He did not give his great big smiles, but he still looked super cute!  Our church family is wonderful, they did not overwhelm him or crowd him at all.  Most admired from afar if someone else was talking to me.  I love that he got to see some many people who have been praying for him for so long!
No pictures for a few weeks.  Our computer is broken so updates are less frequent too.  I will update when I get to someone else's computer with lots of time on my hands:)  No computer has been a huge blessing in giving me time the kids, reading my bible, and working just being home.
Oh, Micah is ready for his bottle:)  More later.