Monday, March 14, 2011

Moving Up

Micah has officially been moved up to the walkers.  He is fourteen months and moving like a pro.  Because he is walking, he was moved out of the baby room at church.  I went to his new room and put him down to sign in.  Without a thought, Micah walked into the room and started to play!  He usually cries when I leave him.  I called to him to say good-bye, he looked back, waved and continued to play.  He was so proud of himself to be back with old friends who had already moved on a few weeks ago.


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  2. Great job, Micah! Timothy is still crawling all over the place with some cruising mixed in. He'll take a few steps, but then plop down to crawl. He didn't start to crawl until Christmas Eve, so we're not rushing him. We've learned how important it is for babies to crawl, so we're letting him get in as much as he can! Hope someday somehow we can get together!

  3. That is wonderful about Micah! Dave and I got our referral a few weeks ago - yeah! A healthy 9 month old little boy. We hope to go pick him up in September. :)
    Sara Baumgartner